Monday, April 23, 2012

This Week in My Studio/Clay Cave.

This week will be spent organizing a very messy work space. while preparing for the craft show my work was spread though out the house. It was easier to bribe my family's help by bribing them with Pizza and adult beverages while we worked on the dining room table.  I even had my husband stringing beads on  his up-cycled guitar strings.  I thought he was having a good time until I comment on how much fun it was to work together.  His hands and way to big and fingers too caused to handle crimp beads and jump rings.  He has proclaimed, "When I die I'll know  I am in Hell if I have work with tiny pieces."

My goal this week is to clean out and organize the clay studio.  I have lots of storage drawers and containers but can never figure out what to put where, it all ends up thrown in the "Top Drawer."
Will take before and after pictures.    

Sunday, April 15, 2012

This Week In My Studio

I will be starting a new feature called, "This Week in My Studio."  This will motivate me to blog weekly with updates on  clay progress.  This week I am preparing for a craft show next Sunday, April 22. Although I have done some custom orders and sold through retail shops,  this will be my first craft show.
Pretty nervous about the display, what to make, pricing and will I have enough products. Do you ever really feel ready?  Am focusing on up-cyled product. Hoping to finish some Art Dolls.
Will post pictures soon.