Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Loving the Process.

I was very happy to hear from my Bead Soup partner Erin.     You know I love to create with clay, love to process, (hate the sanding) but love the end result.  I love to make beads and make more beads and more beads and more beads but rarely put them together into anything.  So...I have lots and lots and lots  of beads, and I swear they reproduce. How will I ever decide what to send my Bead Soup partner.  Or, should I make something new--- I always love doing that, wink-wink.
So I will go through my collection.   Collection?  Is that what it is is or is it "Collecting?"  Or is that a fancy name for Hoarding?  Oh Good Lordy, I think I have become a Bead Hoarder.  Well, at least they are small and non-perishable. Maybe it is a Trunk Show.   I just need to re-frame into something that sounds much sophisticated and acceptable.

BEVY  [bev-ee]  Show IPA
noun, plural bev·ies.
a group of birds, as larks or quail, or animals, as roebuck,in close association.
a large group or collection: a bevy of boisterous sailors---or a Bevy of Beads.  


  1. Welcome to the Bead Soup Party, glad you could join us.

  2. I can't wait to see what you two send each other!

  3. Hi Anna -- Erin hasn't received her soup yet - can you please let us know when you sent it??? Thanks.